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Expatriate Policy and Procedures Group can review your existing expatriate policy and procedures manual or existing expatriate handbook with no consulting fees and will send back a free report on what areas could possibly be targeted for improvement or request our outline to compare your existing policy with current best practices.

"..An expatriate's Personal Property, Personal Liability, and Vacant Home Insurance responsibility is one area where 80% of our respondents have little or no policy in the expatriate handbook, exposing the company to liability.."

"... Just because an insurance product or international service has been implement does not mean the job is over. The right international insured program can benefit employees tremendously, but without the proper communication, it can add liability to the company. Medical Evacuation & Assistance like an International SOS program is a great example where lack of policy can be dangerous..."


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Please review the Programs tab to find out exactly what we can offer your organization. We have programs ranging from full service outsourcing including ALL expat policy, procedure, and web site creation to single task projects. Whatever you need with complete flexibility.

Employees traveling the globe presents a tremendous amount of risk and liability for a global employer, no matter if you are a corporation, non-profit, or university. Yes, good insurance programs remove risk, but so does the right documentation of policy and the latter is 99% less expensive!

Examples where proper Documentation and an expatriate handbook would have made a real difference

For expatriates in Kenya, an employer was left holding a $20,000 Rx bill because employees stocked up on Malarone and it was not documented that the new insurer did not cover this expensive anti-malarial.

For an expatriate in Indonesia an employer was "attached and named" in a $900,000 personal lawsuit because there was a damaged award filed against an employee and the employee did not carry personal liability insurance on himself and his family.

An expatriate spouse directed an international air ambulance company to fly a U.S. citizen to New York when he should have been evacuated to Spain after an accident in Algeria. The company was forced to pay $40,000 out-of-pocket because a portion of the flight was not covered.

When an expatriate in Russia was robbed in his apartment, this regional VP was able to force his company to reimburse $60,000 of losses because he carried no insurance and the company did not address personal property insurance during the assignment.

An employee sued his employer for $500,000 when, during a 4 month business trip to London, his home burned down in the CA wildfires of 2008, and because he did not carry vacant homeowners insurance, the homeowners claim was denied. The attorney argued the employer should take 60% of the responsibility for not documenting this risk, and not providing voluntary solutions to global travelers.

Documenting expatriate policy and procedure online, and finding a way to communicate it to expatriates via an expatriate handbook removes liability from the employer - We have the solution !

In 2010 we introduced the first "turnkey" solution for companies with expatriates to quickly and efficiently document expatriate policy on-line, and create an expatriate employee handbook (expatriate assignment manual.) Clients can now document expatriate policy and procedures using a dedicated web site portal that can be put in place almost immediately.

Do you have an expatriate policy manual today? Do you have an expatriate employee handbook? Is it 100% complete to remove liability from your company? How do you know?

"The proper documentation of policy is the easiest and most cost efficient way for global employers with expatriates to remove risk, liability, runaway expenses and other potential problems. Employers spend millions on insurance and employee benefits, but many have neglected what can be done quickly, easily, and at very little relative cost..."

Until now, the only option available to global employers was to create almost all of the following below "from scratch" at incredible time and expense:

  • Develop an expatriate policy manual (expatriate handbook) to communicate and document insurance, tax, relocation, housing, security, and other international policy.
  • Design a web site (or intranet site) used to communicate current and new expatriate policy and critical information about global mobility.
  • Understand and implement expatriate best practices for industry groups and specific situations and apply them to existing international assignees.

The easiest and most cost effective way to avoid conflicts with employees and remove potential legal liability is to have well written, comprehensive, and easily accessible policy and procedures surrounding expatriate assignments and international travel. The cost of a comprehensive expatriate handbook is almost nothing compared to the potential savings it offers, and the cost of the assignment itself.

Undocumented expatriate policy and procedure costs organizations over $100,000,000 a year... almost all of it preventable through a complete expatriate manual

Some organizations have expatriate policy that is over 3 years old. Others have nothing, or have never addressed certain groups like short term international travelers or foreign nationals coming into the United States to work (inpat assignments). No matter what your existing situation, we have a program that can quickly and easily work.

Potential problems with international policy will be identified and corrected. For many items that need to be addressed, there is NO NEED for an expensive and complicated consulting projects .

Do you need an intranet or internet website for communication to your expatriates, or other international groups?

international workers compensation insuranceThe way employer groups today are communicating with their international employees can best be described as "all over the place." We have seen companies that have spent $75,000 to develop a special part of their intranet to communicate with expatriates and we have seen organizations with over 50 expatriates that have no way to communicate a simple expatriate policy manual or even post and expatriate handbook.

Our web site solutions are constructed for companies with expatriate populations and/or international business travelers. They provide this group with valuable information and equally as important, remind the expatriate or global travelers about company policy in key areas which will (at best) help the HR and Benefits staff avoid headache with certain employees and (at worst) help the global employer avoid large legal liabilities and lawsuits.

Whether you have three U.S. expatriates or 300 or more expatriates, third country nationals, and key local nationals, we have the package you need.

Even if you have an international employee handbook for each type of international assignee, perhaps through your company's intranet, how well is it working, what are the long term costs, who is doing the updates, and what is their experience in international benefits and HR policy? Over the long hall, our program can save 90% over doing things on your own. A web site for expatriates is invaluable.

There is such a thing as "best practices" in expatriate policy and every global organization does not need to chart a new course

The Brits like to remind us that they have been sending expatriates to work abroad before the United States was even a country! There are also many U.S. companies that have had people working overseas for over 50 years. Although some customization is always necessary, in many areas what works and what does not is well documented. There is no need to recreate the wheel and "start all over again" as many organizations do, working with a consultant that could charge $50,000 for their services.. We will customize only what needs to be custom. This saves tens of thousands of dollars and speeds the process by 90%. Most expatriate best practices are well documented.

Do you have an expatriate policy and procedures manual now or an intranet site for expats? When was it created, and by whom?

Just because you have an expatriate handbook in place now for expatriate communication does not mean it works well or has removed all potential liability. If you looked at it now, is it current and useful?

This is a logical "next step" in expatriate outsourcing. Why not implement a system that saves 80% over the long term, removes potential holes and gaps in policy, and is administered by a company who's only purpose is expatriate policy and procedure.

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